About Me

Hi friend,

Howdy, it’s great to have you pass by. I am a passionate software developer, technical writer and an open source addict with a Telecom engineering background based in Kampala, Uganda. I have over 3 years of experience with Java and J2EE technologies.

While working remotely with CloudBoost, I built the Java and Android SDKs for the platform. I also led the team developing a wide array of SDKs for other languages like Swift and C#.

I am currently involved in doing freelance projects in Web, USSD and VAS categories. In my free time, I am usually blogging about interesting tech topics on this site and improving on ussdmenu-server.jar, of my open source projects.

The project is a Java library to help developers working with USSD technology to effortlessly generate and manage application menus.

I spend a great deal of my time working with fellow developers throughout Africa who still build a lot of  USSD and SMS based solutions.

Would you like to have a chat or grab some beer, or even hire me? Say Hi!.